Who qualifies to make IRA contribution?

 You (or your spouse) must have earned income to be eligible to contribute to Traditional and

 Roth IRAs .

 How does a Traditional IRA work?

•Contributions may be tax-deductible

•Earnings grow tax deferred

•Distributions are generally taxable, but are penalty-free if withdrawn under one of the following circumstances:

-attaining age 59 1/2

-incurring a disability

-payment for certain health insurance, medical expenses, and higher education expenses

-payment for first-time homebuyer expenses

-taking equal, periodic payments

-death (payments to beneficiaries)

-IRS tax levy, or

-being a qualified military reservist

•Distributions are required to be taken by Traditional IRA holders beginning at age 70 1/2

 How does a Roth IRA work?

•Contributions are not deductible

•Earnings can grow tax free

•Contributions can generally be distributed tax free at any time

•Earnings can be distributed tax free if the Roth IRA holder first made a Roth IRA

 contribution at least five years ago, AND one of the following events occurs:

-attaining age 59 1/2

-incurring a disability

-payment for first-time homebuyer expenses, or

-death (payments to beneficiaries)

•Distributions are not required by Roth IRA holders, though beneficiaries may be subject to required distributions

 We always recommend that you talk with a competent tax advisor to see which IRA will work

 the best for you. Now is the time to take charge of your retirement future by investing in an IRA