Business Debit Card

Visa Check Card


Tired of carrying cash or writing checks all the time? Try a Debit Card!

You can use it to shop at grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, online-anywhere VISA cards are accepted-and get cash from ATM’s around the world.

No need to carry a checkbook or large sums of cash when you shop. Debit cards are more widely accepted than checks, making them perfect for travel.

Debit and credit cards look alike, but they’re two entirely different payment methods. While a credit card is a “buy-now, pay later” tool, a debit card draws funds from your checking account.

No grace period for a debit card purchase: since your purchase is automatically deducted from your checking account, make sure you have the money available to cover the full transaction amount at the time of purchase.

First National Bank offers both Signature and PIN based transactions. The VISA debit card has an annual fee of $15.00, FREE with qualified checking accounts with one purchase per year.*

Surcharge free when withdrawn from a Money Pass ATM.

Additional service charge for any non-bank owned ATM.

*Applications subject to approval.